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Welcome to the Twelve Swords of Power Wiki[]

This wiki is about Fred Saberhagen's Empire of the East and Books of Swords series of books. It is a work in progress, so please bear with us as we go about the business of building it. If you'd like to add to the wiki, please feel free to do so.

This wiki is meant to include facts about the twelve swords of power, characters, locations, and concepts relating to to the following book series:

Empire of the East
  • The Broken Lands
  • The Black Mountains
  • Changling Earth (a.k.a., Ardneh's World)
  • Ardneh's Sword
Books of Swords
  • First Book of Swords
  • Second Book of Swords
  • Third Book of Swords
Books of Lost Swords
  • Woundhealer's Story
  • Sightblinder's Story
  • Stonecutter's Story
  • Farslayer's Story
  • Coinspinner's Story
  • Mindsword's Story
  • Wayfinder's Story
  • Shieldbreaker's Story
An Armory of Swords

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